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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is this a real game? Yes!!

    • Full-color box top
    • Full-color game board with logos
    • Customized game money
    • Houses, hotels, two die, game movers and instructions
    • Custom printing on game cards
    • Property deed cards
    • Each game professionally assembled and shrink wrapped

    How many games will be sold?

    This is a limited edition 350 game run. It is our first time doing a project like this and we believe it’s going to be very popular!

    Where will we be able to purchase games?
    The games will be available at select Fountain Inn Small Business retailers.

    How much will the game cost?
    The games sell for $35.


    When will the game be available for purchase?
    We plan to receive them in time for Aunt Het on October 7th.
    They will sell out.
    You can order a game for $35.